Sadyba u Vani

Sadyba u Vani 

Шевченка 82
Volovets -  Ukraine


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The lovely hotel garden is the idyllic space for visitors to have a relaxing morning or evening.
For visitors who are lodging at our hotel, Parking will be provided for the length of their trip.
No matter if our visitors are seeking esteemed eating or a fast meal, our hotel's Restaurant have them all.
Our 24-Hour front desk service makes sure that the wants of the hotel's visitors are resolved forthwith or without delay.
The hotel has made available high-speed WiFi to all of our visitors permitting them to stay hooked up as they are having fun on their trip.
In our hotel, pets are allowed meaning that you and your loved ones can have fun on your trip with your much loved pet.

?????? ? ???? is a Lodges in Volovets features 3 rooms
It 's located in ????????82 ??????? ????????82. It is distant 38,4 mi from Onokivtsi Station, 39 mi from Domanyntsi Station, 42,9 mi from Kholmok Station, 70,1 mi from Pam-yatnyk Tarasovi Shevchenku, 70,3 mi from Muzey Narodnoyi osvity Prykarpattya and other places of interest in Volovets.
It is distant 42,4 mi by airport of Uzhhorod International Airport, 69,3 mi by airport of Ivano Frankivsk International Airport, 71 mi by airport of Satu Mare, 73,9 mi by airport of Tautii Magheraus, 83,6 mi by airport of Lviv Intl.
Book a room today in Lodges ?????? ? ???? in Volovets and even receive a great discount.


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