Jetwing Vil Uyana

Jetwing Vil Uyana is a Hotel 5 stars in Sigiriya features 25 rooms whose rates of stay varies from a minimum of 143,2 USD to a maximum of 588,7 USD for night.
It 's located in Sigiriya. It is distant 3,4 mi from Ancient City of Sigiriya, 6,3 mi from Golden Temple of Dambulla, 44,2 mi from Sacred City of Kandy and other places of interest in Sigiriya.
Book a room today in Hotel Jetwing Vil Uyana in Sigiriya and even receive a great discount.

Jetwing Vil Uyana
Jetwing Vil Uyana 5 stelle
Sigiriya -  Sigiriya -  Sri Lanka
Best deal 675.00 USD
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Marsh Villa
Jetwing Vil Uyana - Marsh Villa - 1  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Marsh Villa - 2  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Marsh Villa - 3  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Marsh Villa - 4  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Marsh Villa - 5  
Standard Room
Jetwing Vil Uyana - Standard Room - 6  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Standard Room - 7  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Standard Room - 8  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Standard Room - 9  
Paddy Villa
Jetwing Vil Uyana - Paddy Villa - 10  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Paddy Villa - 11  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Paddy Villa - 12  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Paddy Villa - 13  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Paddy Villa - 14  
Forest Villa
Jetwing Vil Uyana - Forest Villa - 15  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Forest Villa - 16  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Forest Villa - 17  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Forest Villa - 18  
Lake Villa
Jetwing Vil Uyana - Lake Villa - 19  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Lake Villa - 20  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Lake Villa - 21  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Lake Villa - 22  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Lake Villa - 23  
Hotel information
Jetwing Vil Uyana - Hotel information - 1  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Hotel information - 2  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Hotel information - 3  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Hotel information - 4  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Hotel information - 5  
Photo album
Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 6  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 7  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 8  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 9  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 10  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 11  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 12  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 13  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 14  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 15  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 16  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 17  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 18  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 19  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 20  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 21  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 22  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 23  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 24  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 25  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 26  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 27  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 28  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 29  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 30  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 31  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 32  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 33  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 34  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 35  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 36  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 37  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 38  Jetwing Vil Uyana - Photo album - 39  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 1  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 2  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 3  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 4  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 5  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 6  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 7  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 8  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 9  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 10  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 11  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 12  Jetwing Vil Uyana - 13  

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Room type Persons Rate
Marsh Villa
Built over the marsh lands, this air-conditioned bungalow features teak flooring and a balcony. Video games, a DVD player and radio are available.
2 290.35 - 457.40 USD
Standard Room
Room comes with a cable TV, DVD player and safety deposit box.
2 0.00 - 0.00 USD
Paddy Villa
Stilt house built over paddy field features a private plunge pool. It features teak flooring and a balcony, with both fan and air-conditioning provided. Video games, a DVD player and radio are available.
2 290.35 - 457.40 USD
Forest Villa
Air-conditioned stilt house built over the forest comes with a private pool, teak flooring and a balcony. Video games, a DVD player and radio are available.
2 369.90 - 536.95 USD
Lake Villa
Overlooking the lake, this over-water bungalow features teak flooring and a balcony, with both fan and air-conditioning provided. Video games, a DVD player and radio are available.
2 338.08 - 505.13 USD

24-Hour Front Desk, Airconditioning, Bar, Breakfast Buffet, Designated Smoking Area, Express Check-In/Check-Out, Free Parking, Garden, Gay Friendly, Luggage Storage, Newspapers, Non-Smoking Rooms, On-site parking, Parking, Private parking, Restaurant, Safety Deposit Box, Shops in Hotel, Terrace

BBQ Facilities, Cycling, Fitness Centre, Indoor Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Massage, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Spa & Wellness Centre

Currency Exchange, Dry Cleaning, Fax/Photocopying, Free Wi-Fi Internet Access Included, Internet Services, Ironing Service, Laundry, Packed Lunches, Room Service, Shoe Shine, Souvenirs/Gift Shop, Tour Desk, VIP Room Facilities, Wi-Fi/Wireless LAN

Food & Drink
Restaurant (à la carte), Restaurant (buffet)

Pools and wellness
Outdoor pool (all year)

Shuttle service (surcharge)

Common areas
Sun terrace

Cleaning services
Trouser press